ARtist's statemenT

My intention is to pay attention and be astonished. As an observer, I must confront facts as well as the temptation to have my way with them. From this, there is no escape. One might ask, how is a distant mirror drawn near? How strong is my desire to see differently what I earlier dismissed as valueless?

Black and White photo of young Doug with a racoon named Frankie

Doug Koch, age 12, with orphaned raccoon Frankie



MFA Photography, Rhode Island School of Design
BFA Photography, University of the Arts (formerly Philadelphia College of Art)


Missouri Creative Artists Grant, Missouri Arts Council
National Endowment for the Arts, Mid-America Arts Alliance


September 1996: Galerie Agathe Gaillard, Paris, France
January 1993: Strong Hall, The University of Kansas
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June 1984: Baker Gallery


October 2021: Two-person exhibit with Philip Heying, Thomas House, Matfield Green, KS
June 2013: “Weather Report” Trap Gallery, Kansas City, MO
February 2013: “Memoires dʼune Galerie” Galerie du Jour, Paris
April 2011: Dolphin Gallery, Kansas City, MO
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December 1995: Art Affair
March 1994: “Kansas Chooses Kansas”, Mulvane Art Museum, Topeka, KS
August 1993: “Photographs from the Permanent Collection”
 Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas City, MO
1986-1987: “Traveling Visual Arts Program” (TVAP), Kansas Arts Commission
April 1986: “Going to Kansas City”, Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art
March 1986: “Current Works”, Society for Contemporary Photography, Kansas City, MO
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February 1985: “Five Choose Five”, Messing Gallery, St. Louis, MO
January 1985: “Photographic Vision”, Society for Contemporary Photography, KC,MO
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October 1983: Baker Gallery
September 1983: Johnson County Community College
April 1983: Acme Art Company, Kansas City, MO
October 1982: “Mid-America Picture Show”, Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art
October 1981: Johnson County Community College
May 1978: “Private Parts”, Electron Movers Gallery, Providence, RI
June 1976: Woods Gerry Gallery, Providence, RI
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